Recent News

On Saturday 18th March 22, in conjunction with Logistics Aid we delivered two 7.5 tonne trucks of aid to Turkey for the earthquake victims. The aid and most of the delivery costs were very generously donated by Birminghm Central Mosque.

On Wednesday 6th December 23, in conjunction with Logistics Aid we we set off on our 5th delivery of aid to Ukraine. This time we delivered a 7.5 tonne truck and a van load of medical aid, winter clothing and children's presents to Lviv, Ukraine.

On Saturdayy 23rd December 23 we held our second Christmas party for Ukrainian guests and their hosts living in the Bromsgrove area. This time we teamed up with Catshill Village Hall and also invited local pensioners.

On Wednesday 13th March 23 we become a registered charity (No. 1207435).

Our Mission

To support Ukrainian people affected by the war through sourcing and delivering aid and supplies. Also to support displaced Ukrainian families in our local area.

The Situation

The current tragic situation in Ukraine is creating a humanitarian disaster that has not been seen in Europe since the second world war. The images seen in news reports and on social media have horrified us all and have left us with a sense of sadness and disbelief.

With millions now displaced and/or needing assistance including food, shelter and medicine, there is an urgent need to provide humanitarian aid and funds to the millions of refugees affected by this most dreadful situation.

Our Response

A select group of local businesses and individuals came together and realised we could use our collective expertise, resources and local contacts in Eastern Europe to undertake aid relief missions. Our charity "Bromsgrove Ukrainian Support And Relief" was set up to deliver much needed supplies to those whose lives and livelihoods have been decimated by the disastrous events in Ukraine.

Our Plan

A needs analysis was carried out with aid agencies to identify the type of aid that is most essential, and this fell into four categories:

  • Food
  • Medical aid and sanitary products
  • Clothing
  • Shelter

It was decided that we would aim to transport these items to a registered distribution centre in Eastern Poland. The supplies could then be distributed by local aid workers to the refugee centres in Ukraine and at the Polish/Ukraine border.

We have sourced necessary medical supplies through Aid for Ukraine in Hereford and plan to have regular trips to Poland to deliver the items.

Our first delivery was at the beginning of April 2022 and we successfully delivered valuable maternity units, nappies, sanitary products, new bedding, clothing and dry goods. You can see our journey here